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Restoring Art Back To Its Former Glory

As a lover of art, we understand some of the needs and desires you have as a consumer. With old pieces you've carried throughout the years, some damage and fading may have occurred to your favorites due to age or handling. If you find yourself in this situation, then our team at Frame By Design is there for you. Our team of artists can repair any damage to your pieces, as well as offer you new ones to fill the walls of your home.

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Art Repair

When it comes to preserving your art, photos, and more, we are the ones you can turn to. We offer pre-cut and custom matting for photos or documents and can restore your paintings that have experienced a bit of damage. For all scratches, cracks, and more in pictures or frames, our artists on staff can touch it up for you. Don't let favorite pieces of art fall into disrepair when our staff is always at the ready for you.

New Art Pieces

For those looking to decorate their home, we also offer fine art prints and oil paintings by various artists. These art pieces include Group of Seven prints from the iconic Canadian impressionist Lawren Harris, Tom Thomson, Franklin Carmichael, and A.J. Casson. Modern art such as abstracts and landscapes are also available for purchase in our stock.