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Do you have precious memories or art you wish to preserve? Contact us today for photo frames, art restoration, collage frames, and shadow boxes in Whitby, ON. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Shadow Boxes in Whitby, ON

Not all treasures are the ones found in chests or bank vaults. They can be as simple as a child’s hand-drawn birthday card or a piece of needlepoint created by a beloved family member.

At Frame By Design, we create custom frames and shadow boxes in Whitby, ON, to help protect and preserve your most treasured artwork, photographs, and documentation. Often what is placed in a frame has an important significance to our clients. So we dedicated time into creating custom frames and boxes that help reflect the sentiment our client feels towards the item being displayed.

Bringing Your Artwork Back to Life

Not everything gets better with age; sometimes the ravages of time can take their toll and diminish the beauty of pieces of art. Sun exposure and humidity break down paint, and, of course, accidents do happen.

If you find yourself with a painting that has suffered unexpected fading or damage from chips or a scratch, don’t sink into the depths of despair and mark it as a yard sale castoff. Instead, consider the painting repair services we offer. We can bring your artwork back to life so you can proudly display it again it all its glory and splendour.

Art of Your Own

As an art lover, you know the value of being surrounded by unique paintings you can call your own. Original oil paintings are a timeless gift to yourself or another and one we can help you with when you contact Frame By Design. We also sell art prints, clocks, frames and other unique antique-inspired items.

Meant to be Displayed

We believe in the power of display. Whether you’re hanging a new oil painting or a piece of sports history, we understand your desire to keep these heirlooms safe from the elements. Whether you need custom framing, painting restoration, or any of our other services, we’re here to help.

Contact us today to learn more about our framing services. We proudly serve customers in Whitby, Toronto, Port Hope, Kawartha Township, and Durham, ON, as well as the surrounding areas.